Social Media Presence

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With 1.4M followers and millions of unique views, Love Luxury is one of the most widely shared and trusted independent businesses in London.

Trusted insights from the Love Luxury team


For 15+ years, Emily Abraham and Adam Abraham have provided Londoners with authentic luxury goods at amazing prices and most recently at our popular storefront based in Knightsbridge a stone’s throw from Harrods. Recently, the thriving family-owned business has taken on another dimension: social media.

With millions of followers and views on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Emily, Adam, and the entire billionaire’s daughter team have captivated audiences worldwide with trusted, transparent insights about the luxury goods industry and practical advice for successfully emulating the high-net-worth lifestyle.

In an industry filled with the unscrupulous, one thing that separates Love Luxury from the crowd is a steadfast commitment to honesty, transparency, and trust – the brand currently has a 5-star rating on Google and Trustpilot, plus thousands of positive customer reviews. Follow Adam and Emily’s journey on social media today to learn more.

Our Favourite Platforms


In just 4 months, the Love Luxury Instagram page accumulated over 66 million views and gained 100k+ followers – clearly, there’s a huge demand for honest advice and insights from behind the scenes of our business!

Love Luxury’s branded Instagram features business development advice from Adam (who has successfully launched 14 companies), as well as unique Billionaire’s Daughter insights from Emily and VIP offers from our luxury goods storefront based in Knightsbridge next to Harrods.


Recently, Emily, Adam, and the Love Luxury team have been very active on TikTok, with over 400 million profile views in the past several months. One of our Billionaire Daughter videos even went viral to the tune of 79 million views.

The news media has taken notice of this ascendant growth – the TikTok video we posted about £70 Dior cookies was covered in both the Sun and the Daily Mail. We’re proud of the impact that our videos are having on the local luxury designer goods sector and look forward to making many more for our legion of fans!


Though Instagram and TikTik are perfect for quick, attention-grabbing Billionaire’s Daughter videos, YouTube is often where we turn for longer, more informative content. Our rapidly growing profile is quickly becoming a trusted knowledge base for aspirational entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals across the globe.

With 15+ years of experience owning and operating a luxury business, Adam and Emily Abraham provide a wealth of content designed to help subscribers follow in their footsteps while also providing a glimpse into their family life.

The Lifestyle Subscription

One of the many great perks of following Love Luxury on social media is the easy access to exclusive Lifestyle Subscription content. This members-only platform shares VIP insights and monthly luxury goods prize draws each month.

Other Media Appearances

We love social media because it allows us to interact directly with members of the community, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate and value traditional media appearances! Over the past several years, Emily, Adam, the Billionaire’s Daughter, and the Love Luxury brand have been featured in major UK newspapers and television programmes including ITV’s Million Pound Pawn.